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How it Works

In our range of customisable limited edition prints, each impression within an edition can be customised by you, yet it still counts as one of the total limited number that has been set as the edition size. Edition sizes are absolute so you can be reassured that there are very few works like your in existence. Once an edition has been sold out, no more impressions can be made. 

Custom Colours 

In our rage of customisable limited edition prints, each impression within an edition can be customised by you, yet it still counts as one of the total limited number that has been set as the edition size. Edition sizes are absolute so you can be reassured that there are very few works like your in existence. Once an edition has been sold out, no more impressions can be made. 

Your artwork - like your home - remains a unique expression of you. 


Whether putting together a salon style hang of smaller pieces or making a statement with an oversized print, all our prints are available in sizes A10-A0. Speak with our consultants to receive advice on hanging and mock ups of different size options in your own space. 

Museum Quality Production

We print in London using the latest print technology and techniques accredited as archival quality by the Fine Art Trade Guild. This means the materials and processes we use will not perish and colours will remain vivid for 200 years. We adhere to the same standards of quality as leading galleries and museums such as the British Museum.

Print Process / Material

Your taste is unique and every interior is different, so speak to a member of our creative team to understand how printing onto different materials will accentuate colour and provide texture that work in harmony with your own particular space.


Print medium has a meaningful impact on how artwork looks and feels in a space.

Why should I choose Giclée?

Our Giclée printing is especially favoured for photography and digital prints. It is archival grade so guarantees an intense colour and vibrancy that does not fade. Giclée printing offers colour unparalleled by traditional photographic printing process and true-tone for black and white images.

The word ‘Giclée’ is derived from the French word, ‘gicler’, which literally translates as ‘to squirt’ or ‘spray’ (inspired by the way that an inkjet printer applies pigments to paper). We produce Giclée prints using one of the finest large format professional printers available.

Why should I choose Canvas?

Canvas printing is favoured by our customers and our interior design team when looking to add texture, tactility and another dimension to an artwork and the space it is in. Canvas printing favours our more painterly style prints. We use the Giclée printing process to print direct to canvas – which we then stretch over the kind of thick wooden canvas stretcher used by painters, giving that ‘fresh from the artist’s studio’ look and feel. You can either hang your canvas print directly or choose from our range of frames.

Why should I choose Acrylic?

Formally referred to as Perspex Face Mounting, ‘Acrylic’ is the most popular and safest option for those looking to present their work without a frame. Your print will be seamlessly mounted between an Aluminium or Dibond backing sheet and a top layer of completely clear perspex, so it avoids light reflections and provides a flawless high gloss finish.

Supplied with an aluminium sub-frame, our Acrylic mounted prints are easy to hang, they need no frame and provide additional rigidity and support against warping.

Why should I choose Chromaluxe?

This high end printing technique is favoured by those looking to reproduce the particular, long lost intensity and contrast of colour found in traditional photography and cinema. Chromoaluxe produces images on slimline aluminium with either a high gloss or satin finish. These 1.2mm thin metal prints have an intense depth and colour intensity that is comparable to that of traditional Cibachrome prints or photographs produced using Kodak Kodachrome or Fujifilm Velvia colour-reversal or transparency films. In addition, ChromaLuxe prints are also archival, waterproof, fire resistant, chemical resistant and abrasion resistant.

Framing and Mounting

Choose a frame in your choice of colour and material, and rest assured that you will receive an expertly cut, museum quality frame from one of the industry’s leading framers. You can expect premium mouldings made from sustainably sourced wood and light weight aluminium with impeccable surface finishes. Your frame will provide even greater protection for longer, benefiting from strong, long lasting backing, made from MDF as opposed cardboard.

Adding a white mount around your print is purely a matter of taste. A mount can draw focus onto an image as well as adding a further protective layer around the print edges. Why not try out our mock up service or speak to one of the team for their advice?

Our Story

Art Absolutely was founded in 2019 but the concept of customising prints has been developing in our minds for many years previously. Equally passionate about collecting art as about design for home living, Art Absolutely’s founder, Marc, believes that the art we chose - like a home - is a powerful expression of individual taste. From his personal experience of trying to find the right fit between artwork and interior. Marc realised that a buyer might often connect with an image but have specific requirements based on where they want to hang it. ‘I saw a lot of people discussing art for their homes and searching for solutions to these problems, but to no avail’ Marc says. ‘People seem to have an inherent artistic streak whether they realise it or not, and our home is where most of us feel most comfortable in expressing our individuality’

So Art Absolutely was set up to specifically address this gap and find a way to give customers more agency, and options that aren’t just limited to just what existed on the market. We use our mix of artistic flair and interior design expertise to commision exclusive new limited editions and then allow everyone to express their artistic potential by creating their own customisations. Afterall choices we make about the spaces in which we live, are artistic, whether we know it or not.
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